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Our philosophy at Quality Time is based on respect and appreciation for each child and each family that we serve.


Our center is a nurturing, relationship based and family-centered. We provide a warm, inviting and developmentally appropriate environment where social, emotional, creative, physical, and cognitive growth is encouraged, valued and supported.

We believe that trust and self-esteem are the foundation upon which all learning rests and recognize that children are naturally curious and engage in active exploration to make sense of their world. Our role, as your child’s caregiver, is not to provide all the answers for them, rather, the occasion for discovery and learning. We appreciate each child’s unique contribution they offer to the community and view each day is an opportunity for children to discover and learn about themselves, others and the environment in an atmosphere that encourages harmonious and meaningful relationships.

“WE ARE ALL FRIENDS” and believe that It is important for children to have an understanding of what it is to belong to a community; as part of their preschool, as part of their family, and as part of the wider community—our city, our country, our world.


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