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Prospective  families are invited to tour Quality Time, where we will highlight our philosophy. Because we are dedicated to focusing our full attention to the children in our program, we ask that you not bring your children--These tours are for adults only.

Once you have toured Quality Time, you will have the opportunity to schedule a visit with your child during school hours. QT is very unique program and we recognize the importance of a great fit between your family and the school.

Once you have had a visit with your child during school hours and both you and the school have determined it is a good fit, we can add you to our enrollment list and contact  you when there is availability.

Tours are scheduled several times a year. They are usually on a weekday early or late afternoon. You will have opportunities to ask questions, please feel free to come prepared with a list.


Due to Covid-19 we are in the process of figuring out the best way to provide tours for perspective families.

Our next tour date and time is Thursday April 24th at 5:30.

Please use the form HERE​ to reserve a spot on a tour. You will get an e-mail or phone call confirmation.


Hope to see you soon!!
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