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Just before my son turned 3, I started looking for a preschool that would nurture creativity and emotional well-being. A few friends recommended that I meet Tanum and visit QT. From the moment I stepped onto the property and met a few of the QT friends, I knew this is where my child needed to be. 
At QT, children are valued as intelligent, emotional individuals with real experiences to share with each other and the world. Every activity of the day is full of meaning, exploring life, and learning. Quality Time is place where children dig in the dirt, walk in the rain, grow plants, paint outside the lines, learn about sustainability, greet each other with hugs, read stories, go birdwatching, rest their bodies - and end the each day feeling that they are part of something real, and loving, and nurturing. 
Before you select the program where your child will begin his/her life education, tour QT. You won't want to leave.
With Gratitude & Love,
Wendy Breakstone Ladd










"Tanum and Jason naturally respect and honor the individuality of every child in their care, and sincerely enjoy witnessing and fostering their development. They cultivate a compassionate atmosphere in which children learn to respect themselves, each other, and the wider world (including animals, nature and all of its resources). Kindness and gentleness underscore all that takes place, and children develop a strong sense of personhood and self-esteem. My daughter knows she is loved and valued here, and she looks forward to going to school each day. As a parent, I really couldn't ask for anything more. QT is a special place and I am so grateful that my daughter and my family are part of this community."

Love you guys,

More coming soon....

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